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Driver qualifiqations

The drivers shall be at least 23 years old and possess their driving licenses for at least two years.

24 hour rental

One rental day begins at the time you collect the car and ends after 24 hours.

Minimum Rental Period

Minimum rental period for car hire is one rental day.

Category based rentals

Although Zakros Tours works on a category basis, there can be special requests for specific car models. We will try hard to provide them, but of course this cannot be guaranteed. If availability is limited for the car category requested, we reserve the right to upgrade your car category.
So one might have ordered a group C1 and at the airport provided with a group D1 free of charge.


During high season, certain makes and models might not be available. Early booking for this period is recommended.


The total amount of the rental shall be paid when the contract is signed - in case of an extension there shall be a notification from our client at least 12 hours before and the payment will be arranged locally. Payment can be made either by cash or by credit card.


Heraklion / Chania Airports / Ports

Deliveries in the Heraklion and Chania airport and port are provided free of charge. You may also pick up the car in Heraklion and return it in Chania and vice versa.

Delivery / Collection all over Crete

We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for deliveries and collections far from our main stations.

Out of hours delivery

We consider deliveries to be "out of hours" from 01:00 to 05:30 AM. We reserve the right to charge each delivery between these hours with an additional fee.


Our experienced staff is always willing to help our clients with their luggage, but is not responsible for miscalculation or misunderstanding from the part of the guest on how many suitcases fill the car trunk. In case there is such an ambiguity regarding the space, we always recommend the rental of a bigger car for our clients' comfort.


All our cars, unless otherwise stated use unleaded petrol. Manufacturers recommend 98-octane fuel, for the better performance of the car, especially for categories A1 and B1.
We expect our cars to be returned with the same amount of petrol as when given to our client (e.g. if delivered with half tank it should be returned to us with half tank), as stated in the contract. Should the car come with less petrol, our rep has the right to ask for the balance of the petrol in cash. It is advised that you program the proper filling of the car, we cannot refund additional fuel returned to us.


Third Party Insurance T.P.I.

Third Party Insurance is included for all our models.

S.C.D.W. (Super Collision Damage Waiver)

Or Special full insurance: this means that there will be no excess (no money paid) on your part in case of any collision to the car, except of course if you violate law (e.g. alcohol, traffic lights etc) or if you drive off road. This type of insurance is the best one can buy, covering also flat tyres and what lies underneath the car.
Our prices include S.C.D.W. insurance for all car groups.

Theft Protection

Theft protection is included for all our models, although no insurance can cover loss of personal belongings inside the specific car. It is recommended that you do not leave valuable things visible.

Extra Charges

Our insurance is all-inclusive. Our representatives will never request additional charges for insurance unless this was previously stated through e-mail before confirmation.

Road assistance/ change of car

Our cars never leave the main stations without being checked mechanically by our staff. However, if there is an inconvenience, such as a breakdown, be sure that there will be immediate assistance, wherever you are and, if the problem cannot be fixed, there will be a change with an equivalent car.


Additional driver

An additional driver can drive the car free of charge.


Zakros provides a map of Crete free of charge with each rental.

Child Seats

Baby seat Child seats and Booster seats are provided free of charge.
Please note that our staff is always willing to help fitting them, but the final responsibility for fitting and checking the baby seat belongs to the parent or guardian.


GPS Navigator device A GPS navigator device can be provided for an additional charge of 4€ per day.

Island Hopping

If you would like to take your car to another island you will need written permission from our company.

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