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What are the age restrictions for hiring a car?

You have to be 23 years and over and have held a valid driving license for 2 years.

Should I pay by Credit card or cash?

We accept payment both ways. We find that most people on arrival are tired and just want to get to their accommodation, so the quickest option for us is cash.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

A passport and a valid driving license.

Can I have additional drivers?

An additional driver can be included on the contract free of charge. We require the same documents as the main driver.

Do you keep a copy of my credit card?

No we do not take your credit card details. As we do not charge excess there is no need.

What is your fuel policy?

We ask our clients to return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol as the car was delivered. This will be indicated on the car rental contract. There are petrol stations just before you get to the airport.

Can I pick the car up with a full tank of petrol?

We will be happy to fill the car up and charge you in cash on delivery.

Do we get unlimited mileage?

Yes, all our car hire is unlimited mileage.

Can I take my hire car on a car ferry?

We are sorry but your rental only covers Crete. If you wish to travel via ferry to another Island we will be happy to assist with recommendations.

We can find cheaper prices on the Internet!

As a small family company we do not have any hidden charges. We provide full insurance and 24-hour breakdown cover. We are always available at the end of the telephone. We pride ourselves in our service.

Do you provide automatic cars?

Automatic cars can be reserved in advance but they are few and far between as they are not a popular vehicle in Greece and come at a premium.


Who is going to meet me at the airport?

A Zakros Car Hire Representative will be at the airport holding a board with your name on. At Chania Airport our representative will be in the main arrivals hall. At Heraklion there are two arrival doors one for EU and one for Rest of the World. Our representative will be outside of the main airport building of the appropriate arrivals. If for some reason you cannot find our representative, please call us.

How do we return the car to the airport?

On arrival our representative will explain the procedure for returning the vehicle to the airport car park and where to leave the keys.


Can I have my car delivered to the hotel?

We will be very happy to meet you at your hotel. We deliver free of charge to a large number of resorts but may choose to charge extra if your resort is far from our main stations.
Our Zakros car hire representative will be in the reception area with a Zakros board at the pre-arranged time.

How do I leave my car at the hotel?

Our representative will explain the procedure to you on delivery of your vehicle.


What are we covered for by your insurance?

Being a small family company we have the security of our clients to consider. To this effect we supply Fully Comprehensive Insurance. We cover Fire, Theft, Personal, Body and under the vehicle. The only exception is if you take the vehicle OFF road.

Is there an excess to pay in case of accident?

We do not charge excess for damage and we do not demand an excess waver fee on delivery. The only exception to this is if the damage is caused by off road driving or offences against the law.


Do I pay a deposit and what are the cancellation charges?

Zakros Car Hire does not require a deposit and therefore do not charge a cancellation fee.

Flight cancellations and delays

Please keep us informed of any changes you would like to make. Our office staff always calls the airport arrivals direct for the landing times.

What do I need to make a reservation?

We just require a completed reservation form. Any changes can then be made via email or telephone.

How soon do I need to book?

Once you have your flight details and have decided where you would like your vehicle delivered. If booking last minute you can call our office directly to save time and secure your vehicle.

How do I receive confirmation of my booking?

We generally confirm your booking via email within 24 hours. During high season (July, August and September) it could take 48 hours. Please also check your Spam box, as sometimes your computer does not recognize our address. If you would like a quick confirmation please telephone our office on 0030 28970 22137.


What happens in the unlikely event of breakdown/accident?

On collection of your vehicle we will issue you with a 24 hours telephone number. In the case of accident do not claim any responsibility and contact us directly.
In case of breakdown our staff will come out to you as soon as is reasonably possible and repair or change the vehicle.

What happens if I get a police ticket?

If for any reason you are stopped by the police, you need to show the following documents:

If you are unfortunate enough to get a ticket - please inform us immediately as all traffic fines are reduced by 50% if paid within 10 days and our staff will be able to advise you.

Driving in Crete

On Crete we drive on the right. All of the road signs are the same as you have at home. The town signs are in Greek and then 50 meters on in English. The speed signs and distances are measured in kilometers. We will be happy to issue a paper with more information on arrival and our representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Can you provide a GPS system?

We can provide a GPS system for 4€ per day. The device is set to English language for operating on Crete. Our staff will be available to run through its menu with you.


Do you provide a map?

We provide a free map of Crete with every rental.


Do you provide child seats?

We provide child seats and booster seats free of charge. Please advise us in advance of requirements.

Can I get something better than the standard baby seat?

We are now able to provide Chicco baby seats on request for 3€ per day.

Will the child seat be in the car?

We are happy to provide the child seat but the parent should be the person to set the seat in the car.

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