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As we drive the road from Chania to Kounoupidiana - Xorafakia we meet the very famous beach of Stavros, so traditional that it was chosen by the producers of the movie "Zorbas the Greek" to film their shots. This sandy beach has a very famous cycle outline, is wonderfully unspoiled; an area of natural beauty and tranquillity. There is even a small fishermen' port, where every day fresh fish is available for the local taverns and restaurants. From Stavros the visitors have the chance to visit the historical monasteries of the area such us the monastery of Youverneto, Agia Triada, Ayios Ioannis, Kaloyreon another famous local monastery. Also, are some of the most famous beaches of Crete such us Kalatha beach (3,5 km away) and Marathi (8,5 km away).

Akrotiri peninsula sometimes is called the Holy Mountain (the Mount Athos) of Crete. At the mountains near Stavros you can find lots of caves with wonderful stalactites and stalagmites. In one of those caves was chosen of the producers of Zorba the Greek to film some parts of the movie. Visitors from all over Crete and Greece come to Akrotiri just to see these caves and of course what else, the sun-dretched beaches.